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The Story of CEO and Founder Orlando Salinas

At the age of 33, Orlando was on his way to prison for the rest of his life. He tried programs, rehab and even believed in God! But it seemed no matter what he did, he could not change his life. 

However, this time, he found himself at a cross roads: "Do I kill my worthless self? or Do I choose believe in the impossible?" That night, Orlando made up his mind, he was going to figure out how to change his life!... 

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Combating the Challenges Our Society Faces Today

The Goal

The Choose to Change foundation is dedicated to fighting against fatherlessness, drug addiction and family violence. We provide a relationship based support system to anyone who is serious about changing their life around. The truth is, there is no easy way to combating the challenges our society faces today.

Our Strategy

We at the Choose to Change Foundation believe that "men" hold a major key to the solution. We are on a mission to challenge men from all walks of life, to rise up from the destruction of drug addiction, pornography, alcoholism and to CHOOSE to reclaim their lives. All this to become the father, husband and leader they have been called to be.

One of the many ways we do this is by working with men who are being released from the prison system and rehab centers and offer them a transitional support system. We offer several programs and services completely FREE of charge. All our programs and services are designed to build a support system within a Christian environment.

Misson & Methods
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Success Is A Matter of Choice!

Choose to Change has put together practical, personal development classes anyone can attend in person or online. Anyone who is serous enough to change their lives can start applying these teachings and see their lives CHANGE!

Topics We Cover:

What Is A Man?

"A man is someone born male, who rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously and lives with the expectation of a greater reward."

The Process of Change

Your philosophy sets your mindset, your mindset creates your attitudes, your attitude dictates your actions, your actions develop your habits, your habits shape your lifestyle and your lifestyle will take you to your destiny.


We're On A Mission...

We go into the local parole, probation and rehab centers and offer a Christian based solution. On a monthly basis we are at the McAllen & Harlingen parole offices and speak to the men recently released from the Texas prison system. We are seeing some amazing results. Men taking the "Challenge to Succeed," lives being changed and families being restored.

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We're Looking For Men

Choose to Change takes a team into the prisons to share testimonies, minister with music and even pray with those who are ready to take up the challenge of changing their lives!

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