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Believe in the Impossible Personal Development Training

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

On Saturday August 10th, 2019 the founder and CEO of Choose to Change, Orlando Salinas, created a Personal Development Training, which was held at The Door Christian Fellowship. He created this training to show people proven strategies of “the successful” and key principals to overcoming obstacles. This was a great event where many people received major insight on how to begin a business or how to become successful in life.

This development class was gripping as Orlando shared books he has read or was reading and spoke of his personal experiences. Throughout the training he stayed consisted on the idea that to either have success or failure, it was based on a personal choice.

Orlando taught that to become successful in life, it begins with a desire and a change mindset. He explained that success was a process of time and was “not something that you pursue but something you attract by the person you become.” He also said to reach the result of achievement, requires discipline and hard work; this was something that could not be done alone.

This entire event was such a great eyeopener for everyone who attended. People left this class motivated to begin the steps of their goals and confident in knowing how to make sure their goal is a success. Hopefully there will be more trainings on personal developments in the future.

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