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Choose to Change is Changing Lives and Communities Across Texas

Orlando giving a seminar at a local church in Austin, TX on how to start a Choose to Change Mentoring Class.

Across the state of Texas, individuals with prior criminal backgrounds are discovering that their stories are not done being written.

While many would view a criminal record as an insurmountable obstacle, Choose to Change provides hope and opportunity for those who thought their past defined their future.

With Choose to Change, those who have made mistakes in the past can get their lives back on track and become productive members of society.

The organization is growing rapidly, with programs now reaching from Temple to Austin, Texas. In each community, Choose to Change empowers individuals and leaves a lasting positive impact through its various professional development programs.

How Choose to Change is Sparking Lasting Change in Texas

Choose to Change offers many programs designed to help those with criminal backgrounds reenter the workforce and become active, contributing members of society.

Programs include job fairs, professional mentoring, and life skills training.

Choose to Change is also working to engage the larger community in its efforts, partnering with businesses and churches to help break down the barriers faced by those with criminal backgrounds.

The organization profoundly impacts the lives of individuals, their families, and their communities.

Choose to Change Launches New Mentoring Program in Temple & Austin

Recently, Choose to Change launched a new mentoring program in Temple, Texas.

The program connects individuals with mentors who can help them navigate their new lives and develop the skills they need to be successful. But the key to success is those in the local community who desire to see change happen.

On June 24th, CEO and Founder Orlando Salinas led an orientation at The Door Christian Church in Austin, Texas, on how to start a mentoring program at a local church.

Volunteers contacted Salinas at the church who wanted to know how they could help men coming out of prison change their lives. To help them get started, Choose to Change offered the framework that has seen success in other communities across Texas.

The program is already making a difference in the lives of those participating. Those looking to leave their pasts behind and start fresh now have the support they need to succeed.

Choose to Change is changing lives and communities across Texas, one individual at a time. With its innovative programs and partnerships, the organization has a lasting impact on those it serves.

Plus, when individuals with criminal backgrounds are given the opportunity to succeed, everyone wins. Families are stronger, communities are safer, and Texas is a better place for all.

Choose to Change praying for men at a halfway house.

Join Choose to Change to Make a Difference

If you are interested in getting involved with Choose to Change, there are many ways to do so.

One of the best ways to help Choose to Change thrive is with financial partnerships. When you financially partner with Choose to Change, you help provide resources that are essential to the organization's success.

You can also join an existing Choose to Change program in your community or start a new one.

If you are interested in starting a Choose to Change program at your church or in your community, contact Choose to Change to learn more.

No matter how you choose to get involved, know that your support is making a difference in the lives of those Choose to Change serves.

Let's Make Change Together...

Take action! Donate to partner with us and help fight against fatherlessness due to incarceration!

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